Introvert girl dating extrovert guy

27-Dec-2017 17:10

But with a new pair of eyes, the world becomes larger. Together, we found ourselves more in tune with the other sides of ourselves.

With Leah, I became better at listening, braver, kinder, happier and more open-minded. With Leah in my life, I found meditation and exercise, quiet respites of reading beside her, and a peace in myself I never knew I craved.

And she, in turn, learned that she can party well with dear friends, and that those friends become dearer with each successive shot of tequila. Still, there can be hiccups: Sometimes I’ll be restless when Leah would prefer to stay in and recharge, and we still have wildly different ideas on how fun an enormous surprise party would be.

But love doesn’t mean finding someone who’s the same as you; it means finding somebody who makes you better.

All the world was a stage, and I was determined to give the performance of a lifetime. As far as I was concerned, introverts were those sad or generous souls who somehow didn’t to speak in public.

There was nothing I wanted more than for you to like me, to think I was funny and cool. I didn’t quite understand it, but that was just fine: More stage time for me. I wore bright neon hats at sharp angles and talked loudly between classes, eagerly awaiting validation that wouldn’t come.

My friends will disinvite me to dinners and parties if she isn’t coming, and my parents’ voices raise two approving octaves when they talk about her. When we first started dating, I was confused and worried, projecting my extrovert tendencies onto her.

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