Shipment consolidating software

18-Sep-2017 19:56

Companies have reported a savings on average from 120 - 200 hours a year at the hourly rate of a senior programmer/analyst.

  The Ship ERP shipping solution is written completely in SAP ABAP.

SAP Certified Integration via Enterprise Services® SAP Certified Integration with Applications on SAP HANA® SAP Certified Integration with SAP Net Weaver® Multi-Carrier / Multi-Mode Solution Single Platform to Process Shipments Resides in its Own SAP Namespace Centralized Installation Completely Configurable No Middleware Required Robust Reporting Real-time Updates to SAP Real-time Connection to Carriers End-to-End Shipment Processing Transportation Management International and Domestic Shipments Rate Shopping Across Multiple Carriers within SAP Integrated with over 200 Carriers and Their Services Utilizes SAP Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Ship ERP (SAP multi-carrier shipping solution) facilitates all forms of shipping.

Whether it’s Small Parcel Shipping, Less than a Truckload (LTL), full Truck Loads, (TL) or a combination of them all, Ship ERP is the SAP certified solution for the job.

Internal Basis teams can support this functionality which in turn empowers the customer’s staff and contributes to the bottom-line cost reductions. (ERP-IS) is confident that a reduction of warehouse/operations labor will be achieved based on the implementation of Ship ERP and the best practices associated with that implementation.

ERP-IS’ full-featured shipping software (Ship ERP ) is compatible with the following hardware/software environments: Hardware: Anim pariatur cliche reprehenderit, enim eiusmod high life accusamus terry richardson ad squid.

On average companies have reported that it takes up to 1.5 full time employees per location to perform shipments in various carrier systems, to generate required documentation and adhere to governmental/customs regulations.

Reduction of IT services to maintain interfaces for various carriers/ forwarders.

As part of the certification process Ship ERP is given its own name space.

Whatever is the method of integration Ship ERP can support it.

Ship ERP’s design and use of SOA within SAP has been thoroughly reviewed and tested by the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) and given the certification of “SAP Certified ABAP Add-On and Powered by Netweaver”.

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If a carrier does not support a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) the Ship ERP product can also utilize XML via HTTP POST or EDI processing to communicate with the carriers.

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